The Tolkien Connection


The Barmouth area is long thought to have inspired JRR Tolkien's  creation of Middle Earth.  Local sculptor and Barmouth resident of many years, Frank Cocksey, who lives on the Rock above Barmouth, tells how Tolkien visited Barmouth and stayed on the rock.  With its windy streets, cottages and higher up, holes in the mountainside, could this be Hobbiton? Could Tolkien's Eryn Vorn be our Egryn? (scene of reported hauntings and mysterious lights). A little to the North, could Harlindon be Harlech? Could  Sarn Ford on the Brandywine river be Sarn Faen at Talybont? Looking at the map of Middle Earth, and OS Map124, all three are similarly situated, as well as named similarly to their counterpart.  Frank Cocksey has pointed out more similarities.  Gold mines, Celtic and Druidic connections.......Step quietly when walking the hillsides, hobbits scare easily.

Mr Cocksey's work includes "The Last Haul" on the harbour, sculpted from marble salvaged from the Bronze Bell wreck of 1709.  The Bronze Bell shipwreck exhibition may be seen at Ty Gwyn above Davy Jones' Locker Restaurant, just a short walk along the quay.


Picture taken on the Rock above Barmouth
High on the Rock. Hobbit country?

Picture of hole in mountainside
Hobbit hole?

Picture of Harlech Castle
Harlech Castle


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