Review and more pictures  coming soon. Thanks to everyone for helping to make this a great night.

Picture of Loaded Dice
Loaded Dice

Picture of Adam of Loaded Dice

Picture of Rich of Loaded Dice

Picture of Stoney of Loaded Dice

Picture of Sharon and Danny singing
Sharon and Dani

Picture of Donna and Roy performing at Lastonbury
Donna and Roy

Picture of Lastonbury barstaff Joni and Rosie
Flower powered staff Rosie'n'Joni

Picture of John Dani Sharon and Gwynfor

Picture ofaudience applauding
Crowd appreciate Donna Lea

Picture of Rosie playing fiddle and Timbo in background
Rose played beautiful fiddle

Picture of Roy and Lynne
Roy and Lynne

Picture of Sharon and Dani blowing wellies

Picture of Sharon and Dani blowing wellies

Picture of Donna Roy Barry and John performing

Picture of John Pinder and daughter Jenny


Picture of Barry and Timbo

Picyure of crowd around small tent




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