Picture of Landlady of Last Inn Deb playing the trombone



Thanks to all who supported our HAITI DEC night.
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Picture of "Crash" Chris and Ashley performing at the Last Inn


Picture of Ashley singing

Picture of Sharon singing at the Last Inn

Ashley  and Sharon
(Thanks Timbo for these,
Click to enlarge and appreciate)

Picture of YMCA dance at the Last Inn
Doing YMCA on 70's night.Tues 8 July

Tuesday music night at the Last is usually a mixture of jamming sessions, and open mike, though some sessions are unplugged.  Music starts around 9pm and. musicians wander in and out as they feel like it, Several professional musicians regularly attend, but everyone is welcome.  There is no "Silence during music" rule, though occasionally we ask for quiet, for an unaccompanied singer for example.  Many styles of music are played, folk, blues, jazz, 60's 70's 80's 90's classics, and some originals too. The standard can be very high, though raucous singalongs with everyone joining in, may not be for purists. Every week is different and we always look forward to the next session, wondering who will turn up, and what turns the music will take.  On a cold winters night we decided to have a beach party, complete with indoor beach, beachwear and sunshine music.  This was such a success that we have had many theme nights since, 60's night, 70's night, and of course Lastonbury.

Picture of Devon and Debbie with the Chinese Lion
Deb'n Devon do the Chinese Lion dance!

Was this really our 3rd beach party? So we are into our third year then? 2nd January 2010 Some interesting beachwear and great calypso music with Alison Fowler playing sax and flute. We wish Alison all the very best with her new job in Derby,  Please keep in touch Alison. You are always welcome x

Beach Bar Girls Joni and Rosie

Picture of Last Inn barmaids Rosie and Joni IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED!. John Redpath our regular drummer/ percussionist has sung!  See and hear this historic rendition of "Hangman"  traditional folk song notably performed by Led Zeppelin.  Click to watch John and Chris Knowles version.  Thanks John and Chris. Sorry I missed the beginning as I was adjusting the PA.
Picture of Sharon and Dani singing into Wellies!
Sharon and Dani perform at Lastonbury

LASTONBURY 2 our second mini festival finally took place on Tuesday July 7. Loaded Dice winners of Live and unsigned 2009 performed a fine acoustic set.  Donna Lea, Dani Thomas, Sharon, Gwynfor, Timbo, Chris Knowles and others also performed to a packed house.


Tues 10 Feb 2009 Loaded Dice were amazing.
Recorded the evening, then hard drive crashed,
Sorry everyone. See video of Loaded Dice
Tuesday Jan 27 we celebrated the Chinese New year of the Ox.  Chinese lion dance, fortune cookies, crackers, chopsticks competition, lots of good music as usual, real flamenco dancing and finally Chinese paper lanterns launched across the estuary.

I did manage to successfully record 21 April, but I havent mixed it yet. Hope to have some tracks ready for upload soon, if no more mishaps!



January 08, Pete and Dan perform Beatles songs in the Last Cavern

December 08 update. We now have a grand piano shaped stage, thanks to Greg and Roy, as well as the "Last Cavern" mural by Skip, and we are acquiring more real playable instruments to hang up. Harp, guitar, bodhran, trumpet, bongos and banjo ukelele to name but a few.  Our second beach party was a bizarre and enjoyable success, with a real sandy beach, palm trees, deck chairs etc among the Christmas decorations!  Guests Popty Ping, the Bung Bung Girls were very entertaining as well as very competent musically and have agreed to come back!  John Pinder and Tyr, Gwynfor, Dani, Sharon, Chris Knowles, Mark Stratos, Roy, Pete Carr and Joni have also performed during the month, and most of these were also with us for our Christmas Party on the 22nd when Donna Lea also turned up to sing Santa Baby and Holy night beautifully. On December 30 Catrin o'Neill will be guest and then I'll be back on Jan 6 with a brand new song for the New Year. Best wishes to all and thanks everybody for all help and support.

Gallows Pole (John Redpath and Chris Knowles)
The Loaded Dice, 2 members missing, end of the night and a bit drunk but still magic.
The "BUNG BUNG GIRLS" at our second beach party, demonstrate why they are so named
Singer songwriter JOHN PINDER 9 December 2008 concluding a fine all original set

Fields of Gold (Joni our lovely barmaid with  beautiful and unique voice)
Unplugged blues jam (Mark, Chris, Pete, and John on beer tray)
Star of the County Down (Catrin O'Neill
Walk Right Back (Pete, Roy, Catrin and Chris)
Aboriginal folk music (Debbie on Digeridoo)
Barmouth Homecare Ladies play skiffle
12 August 08 we were delighted and enthralled by singer/writer Rohan Kumari, see our video  or  visit www.myspace.com/kumari7
7 August 08 Irish traditional music with Chris Knowles and friends. This starts slowly and builds up with amazing performance by uilleann pipe virtuoso Ben Walker


3/5 of The Loaded Dice


The Sunday of Glastonbury weekend, we decided that Tuesday 1st July would be our own Lastonbury festival. With only two days to assemble banners, tents, sleeping bags  Lastonbury was born. John and I, Gwynfor Morris, Rhiannon Jones, Chris Knowles and our barmaid Joni performed with an enthusiastic chorus. Next year we hope to extend Lastonbury onto the Harbour gardens, and maybe from these small beginnings, in time this event will rival Glastonbury, Sesiwn Fawr and Wakestock!

Back to the 60's


Phil of "Popty Ping"

Other Popty Pings

John Pinder and Tyr "On the beach!"

The Bung Bung Girls at beach party 2

Jammin' with Gwynfor Mark and Roy


Doing YMCA on 70's night.