Although planned to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Ox, this turned out to be a truly multicultural evening. Chris Knowles (resident harpist at Caernarfon Castle for many years) played the harp which was once owned by the celebrated blind harpist and composer Daffydd Roberts, also known as Telynor Mawddwy.  A real Chinese lion then danced thanks to our dance teacher Neti and birthday girls Sophie and Devon. The Buddha gave fortune cookies to those who fed the lion some money.  Each cookie contains a slip of paper, although Gwynfor is none the wiser for his, having swallowed the whole thing.  Fortunately this did not seem to affect his singing, in English or in Welsh, or his Elvis impersonation.   Neti performed two flamenco dances, the Bulerias, and a Sevillana (popular in Seville) assisted by Devon.  Well done Gary, who became chopsticks champion, for picking up the most maltesers in 30 seconds using chopsticks.  All contestants received a prize, even if only the chopsticks and some noodles.  Finally as the rain eased off, the Chinese lanterns were launched.  One by one they rose serenely into the night sky over the estuary and beyond.  As we watched them shimmering among the stars I made a silent wish, but maybe thats another story for another time.  Finally back inside the pub for some more music.  I vaguely remember Pete, Donna, Neti, Gwynfor and I finishing the evening.  John Redpath as usual played the Congitas throughout the night superbly, and made excellent use of the "Players Please" tray as a Chinese gong. Money raised during the evening will go towards a plaque in memory of harpist Daffydd Roberts and a performance area for his succesors to play in, and maybe even perform some of the music he wrote. 
Thank you Greg, Deb, Ted, Joni and all at the Last Inn for an evening to remember for many years to come. Thanks also to Dolly for help with filming. Happy birthday Doll, and of course Birthday Bar Stars Sophie and Devon.

Barry Lim (Lim is Chinese for forest)

Picture of Chris Knowles playing harp
Chris playing Daffydd Roberts
old harp

Video of Chinese lanterns launch
Video of Chris Knowles playing Daffydd Roberts' old harp
Video of the Chinese Lion




Picture of Barry playing guitar
Lim Teong Yeong