Barmouth News Archive

23 May 2020 

THANK YOU FOR STAYING AT HOME. Unnecessary travel is still not permitted and this includes long journeys to the beach. Restrictions to minimise the spread of covid19 have largely been effective in Barmouth. The police are politely but firmly encorcing these, as a small minority of people choose to ignore the warnings and potentially increase the risk of infection. Approaching the Spring Bank holiday fines have been increased to a maximum of £1920. 


Prom Repairs

Repairs to Barmouth prom The deep hole in the prom and the prom road at the far north end has been repaired. There is now access within compliance to Covid19 restrictions, to the end of the prom and the car park.
The Seashell kiosk is open for takeaway snacks and ice creams.


13 March 2020

The promenade is closed from the entrance to Heol y Llan due to storm damage. Part of the road at the far north end of the prom has collapsed where undermining has taken place, leaving a deep hole.  A larger area of road extending several metres inland, including the mini-roundabout, has also visibly subsided. A section of the inner wall has been destroyed.

Sinkhole in prom Sinkhole in prom  

13 March 2020


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Rosie stands with arms raised outside the shop which was formerly Betfred Local enterprise enthusiast Rosie shows us the shop in St Annes Square, opposite Beach Road, formerly Betfred, which is being converted to provide shelf space for traders. (Thank you Rosie and thanks  to Tony Olley for the information above)


12 March 2020

Due to flooding trains are not running between Barmouth and Pwllheli. Trains are terminating at Barmouth,  There is a replacement bus service between Barmouth and Pwllheli. Check for updates at
This morning a sink hole has appeared at the far end of the prom, and there is more damage to the inner wall. The road is again closed to vehicles, and pedestrians should be careful. Sean's kiosk has suffered no serious damage, and Sean tells us he intends to open over the weekend from Friday afternoon.


9 March 2020

Storm damage to Barmouth prom wall. Debris in road  STORM DAMAGE

Storm damage to wal at North end of prom. Debris in road

The wall between Barmouth Promenade and the road has been damaged in several places during storms Ciarra and Dennis. Although the barrier on the road has been opened, there is still uncleared debris, including large stones, so take appropriate care.Trains are now running normally on the Cambrian line between Pwllheli and Machynlleth.